007 - Expression: To Walk All Over

In this expression episode, you'll learn how to use the common English expression "to walk all over" and about Getting Internships in the U.S.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson


I was a junior in college and I had interned in Los Angeles at some entertainment companies, but I was looking to try and do something a little bit different . . .  and I decided to apply to the Google Internships. The application was pretty straightforward. I supplied a cover letter, resume, answered some questions . . . they had some like fun, quirky questions like "if you were an animal what would you be?" etc.

A few weeks later, I heard back over email from one of the recruiters that I had made it to the interview round.


Hello and welcome back!

In that intro you heard Megan Khare, an American YouTuber and employee at BuzzFeed, talk about how she got an internship at Google. In this episode we’ll talk about how to do an internship in the United States as a foreigner. Yep, I’ll talk about the eligibility, the visa process and everything you need to know. So, stay tuned!

Until then, let’s begin this episode with a joke, a new expression and some pronunciation. So the joke – here we go!

Question: What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in front of your door?

Any ideas?

Answer: The answer is Matt.

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