005 - Expression: To Cut Corners

In this expression episode, you'll learn how to use the common English expression "to cut corners." You'll also learn about The College Admissions Scandal.

The American English Podcast

The American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson


"Today we have charged 33 parents nationwide with hiring Singer’s group to defraud testing companies and or various universities. These parents are a catalog of wealth and privilege. They include, for example, CEOs of private and public companies, successful securities and real estate investors, two well-known actresses, a famous fashion designer and the co-chairman of a global law firm. Based on the charges unsealed today, all of them knowingly conspired with Singer and others to help their children either cheat on the SAT or ACT and or buy their children’s admission to elite schools through fraud."


Welcome back! In that introduction you heard a man named Andrew E. Yelling, who is a U.S. attorney, speak at the Department of Justice about the college admissions scandal in the U.S.. 

The video was posted by CBS News and I’ll go ahead and provide the link in the transcript if you’d like to see the full version of that video. So in light of this recent news, in today’s lesson I’m going to briefly talk about the scandal and about college in the United States and what it’s like to actually go through the admission process. But before we begin, let’s go ahead and do an expression, a joke, and some other English exercises. 

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